Cash Collections

  • Printing and distribution of monthly rent and/or common charge bill.

  • Daily collections and depositing of rent and/or common charges
  • Oversee daily receipts to ensure timely collections

  •   Procedure for collection of arrears:

  • Manager and/or telephone contact

  • Arrears letter

  • Rent demand notice

  • Legal action


Cash Disbursements

  • Review of all vendors invoices for approval prior to payment.

  • Printing and distribution to all vendors.


    Monthly Reporting

  • Preparation and distribution of monthly financial reports which are as follows:

  • Summary of receipts and disbursements.

  • Detail of collections by tenant/unit owner.

  • List of unpaid vendor obligations.

  • Comparison of budget to actual results.


Building Employees

  • Supervision of building employees.

  • Review, approval and distribution of all building employees payroll on a weekly basis.

  • Track employee sick days, holidays and vacation time.

  • Negotiations of union contract, if any.

  • Obtain any bids that are necessary.


Building Maintenance

  • Maintenance of all common areas
  • Purchase of building supplies


  Obtain any and all contracts

  • Elevator
  • Boiler
  • Exterminator
  • Air Conditioning, heating and ventilation systems


Review and maintain the following files

  • Building Files

  • Tenant/Unit Owners files

  • Paid Bills

  • Accounts Payable

  • Insurance Files


HUD, LIHTC and Special Needs Properties

  • Initial and annual certifications

  • Compliance monitoring

  • Monitoring occupancy requirements (homeless units, HOME units, speical needs, etc.)

  • Monthly occupancy and financial reporting to syndicators

  • Annual physical inspection of residental units

Responsibilities unique


to Cooperative and Condominiums

  • Attend monthly board meetings

  • Preparation and distribution of annual budget to all unit owners/shareholders

  • Information mailing to owners.

  • Review and make recommendations to Board on all sales and sublease applications.
  • Maintain relationship with each unit owner on a one-to-one basis